Few RAW frames to compare a very expensive lens (Sony prime PL - $ 3,000) with a cheap one (Sony SAM - $ 200) both put on a Blackmagic Pocket camera.
This test is intended to see the difference in terms of quality.

The exposition is rather the same (using the Sony SAM we had an adaptor with no numeric reference).
The adaptor is Fotodiox AF-m4/3. Good, all metal.

Considering the difference in price I would have expected a huge difference, but editing the video I had to listen the audio to understand which lens was on.

On the other hand I have to say that there is a big difference in terms of usability. The focus gear of the Sony Cine lens is extraordinary. But, as you can see in this video (vimeo.com/77774851) using a follow focus you can be smooth with the Sony SAM as well.


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