As part of a partner project, Alex Ehrlichmann was 3D modeled upon the character designs by my partner. His pose and background music was determined to match that of his personality and backstory as can be read below.

Alexander Ehrlichmann, also known as simply Alex, is a university dropout in his mid 20s doing full-time work in a pet store. Neither Alex or his parents had enough money to let him continue studying in university, so he volunteered to drop out and work to save up money. He does not care for animals but does not hate them either, though unfortunately for him the only place that accepted his resume was the pet store.

Alex puts on a friendly face in front of the customers and pretends to love animals too in order to increase his work performance. One of his usual customers is a mother named Anne Porter. He learns a lot about her such as her profession and family, and has a few things in common (love for money) however one thing that annoys Alex is how Anne detests her husband and does not bother trying to fix things with him. He hopes to teach her to not escape from problems and learn to deal with them, like how he is trying his best to deal with his family's money problem.

Before or after work, or even during his lunch break, Alex visits a dog shelter which is located close by the pet shop. The owner of the dog shelter, Bruce, allows Alex to use a portion of the area to store pet goods such as dog food, pet furniture etc. Although Alex tries to start a friendly conversation with Bruce to be on good terms, it tends to be very one-sided as the older man almost seems 'lifeless'.

Modeling, Rigging, Animating, Technical Lighting - Mark S. Diaz
Character Design, Colour Design - Martina Oh

"Melodie Victoria" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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