In this video, we demonstrate a basic implementation of virtual reality within our current project development, Gravitate.

Gravitate is an interactive installation with 100% live motion-capture music creation. This is currently a work in progress, with this video series representing the introduction of key elements.

We have a public residency at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia each Wednesday for 4 weeks starting November the 20th where we are inviting the public to play with this new creation. If you're in the area we would love to see you there.

Facebook event:
Gravitate project page:
Fed Square information:

"Showing as part of Fed Square's Big Screen Gaming program, Gravitate is an interactive audio visual jam session on large public screens across two cities.

Ethno Tekh literally means Culture of Technology; with the core philosophy to create, share and bring people closer together by combining the advances of the digital technology with a humanistic approach.

Ethno Tekh's Gravitate is the latest multimedia commission presented by Fed Square's Creative Program"

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