6K frame size at 24fps (obviously very compressed for web). Support our Kickstarter for real orchestral score! kck.st/182w1g8

Very excited about this new technique in photoanimation. It involves using a "stuck half-dissolve" i.e. a dissolve from one image to another commonly used in tv and movies for a hundred years, plus some careful math to scale images during the stuck dissolve. Created from thousands of space telescope image via ESO. Looks very 3 dimensional despite being all 2D unaltered photographs. Still have minor stitching errors to fix.

In Saturn’s Rings is a ground-breaking film for IMAX® and Giant Screen Theaters and Fulldome Planetariums created from over one million real photographs and assembled in one man’s basement studio. Using a unique photoanimation technique, the film will take audiences on a journey through the Solar System and beyond, employing images from dozens of space missions, including Cassini-Huygens, Hubble, Apollo, Voyager 1/2 and many more; and give audiences the feeling they’re flying through space without the use of computer generated models or imagery.

Music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (from Pillars of Light)

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