Still not having much luck convincing multitouch companies to give me their hardware in exchange for better demos. So far, the reception has been quite good until I mention I want them to send me the hardware so I can develop in my home. For the most part, they just don't write back. I picture them passing the email around adding comments like, "What nerve" or "Can you believe the gall". Whatever, I will get my way either with their help (and to their benefit) or without.

Here is the first project I plan on multitouch screenicizing. It is a surprisingly addictive visual-tactile experience where you are dragging your finger (or fingers) through a thick layer of goo (thick house paint comes to mind).

I am using a velocity map combined with a diffuse/normal/bump map set from FilterForge. The distortion is happening in the vert shader, but the normals are being calculated first outside the shader because I haven't figured out how best to push that math to the GPU. So much to learn!

Made with Cinder, a C++ framework being developed by Andrew Bell and a team of awesome coders at the Barbarian Group.

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