Tiny Geographies Part Four:

To a soundtrack of two competing pipe bands fighting it out, the footage was made with a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition on the end of a large pole around one of the 'Royal' parts of Deeside - Mar Lodge Estate, or more specifically - the Punchbowl area of the Linn of Quioch. The site was a popular haunt for Queen Victoria and her 'tea room' still stands on the banks of the Linn.

As a member of the UK pressure group 'republic' which gently seeks to end the monarchy in the UK I wanted to make a wordless piece about the opportunities or rather potential that could face an independent Scotland in the upcoming referendum, especially regarding the republic campaign in Scotland. It seemed the right place to investigate and meditate on independence - especially as an 'English Scot' who will likely vote yes.

This film is part of the episodic version of Chris Dooks' [near feature-length] Year of Natural Scotland commission "Tiny Geographies" - a project managed by Woodend Barn in Banchory, Aberdeenshire as part of the 'Atomic Doric' season of commissioned works by artists and musicians. The Blu-Ray edition and soundtrack are available from December from tinygeographi.es (yes, spelled just like that!).

The experimental ethos of the film was to ascertain to what degree could diverse audiovisual footage be gathered from several accessible environments just a few square metres in size. These 'tiny' geographies were made to see if there was any advantage to being unable to scale a 'Munro' or even a small hill - and try and make the best of out limited energy.

Using DSLR-sourced montages alongside the latest fangled GoPro camcorder [shooting at high speed], with microphones and hydrophones, Dooks employs the technology as friend of the 'exhausted practitioner' to spy, scope-out and mine the environment without touching it - or as Chris says 'the only thing I like to shoot a deer with, is a Nikon lens.'

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