Experimentation and research are the key to the interpretation of the choreographer Enzo Celli’s work. His unconditional love for contemporary dance and theatre gave birth to a structured technique totally permeated by poetry, aiming to become part of the current Avant-garde. Even though Celli has codified a technical language belonging to the contemporary dance field, naming it MEME, it’s by using those simple gestures so much appreciated by the audience that the essence of his poetical language revealed itself. Enzo Celli’s work, focusing on Man, from the very beginning has aimed to create an uncommon poetic language able to deal with sociological topics.
In 1998 he founds his first company named Botega, whose activities and productions aroused the interest of Vittoria Ottolenghi. The interest demonstrated by Vittoria Ottolenghi for Enzo Celli’s creations encouraged him to develop his natural instinct towards choreography. So he gave birth to his first works as “I trionfi del Petrarca” with Music by Maestro Berio, “Ovo, una Maratona per Peter Gabriel” with Music by Peter Gabriel and he collaborated with Lindsay Kemp. Since 2008 he has collaborated with Bashkortostan State Academy in Russia and UFMG University in Brazil. In September 2011 Peridance Capezio Center in New York awarded him contemporary dance Master Teacher. Just in New York he developed the technique he was working with Botega, codifying MEME technique.
In May 2012, while on tour with the Company in Brazil, he carried out a social project at Centro ADAV in Ibiritè aimed to realize a choreography performed by boys and girls coming from hard social and familiar environments.
In July he moved to U.S.A. where he taught several MEME technique classes at Peridance Capezio Center and Dance New Amsterdam (in collaboration with Modern Guest Artist series) in New York. In October 2012 he became Guest Teacher in contemporary dance at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville-Texas.
During his permanece in the United States, he joined renowned Festivals in New York, Philadelphia and Houston. He also performed Faun at James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Art Center in Huntsville and at Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre joining the Dance Gallery Festival.

Igal Perry has asked to Enzo Celli, Ohad Naharin, Dwight Rhoden and Sidra Bell, to create new work for Peridance Contemporary Dance Company. In the March 2013 Enzo's perfomance “I'm HERE” debuted at Salvatore Capezio Theatre in New York. Enzo also realized “The Rite of Spring” for Peridance Certificate Program.
Enzo has recieved a residence at Sam Houston State University for the September 2013, during this residence he teach MEME class and he build a choreography for the Students. In October 2013 Enzo perform with CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET at Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre for the Dance Gallery and in November at Salvatore Capezio Theatre in NYC for “Peridance Presents”.


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