The Voyeur was an exhibition of sculptures, photographs and familiar objects, which combined with the technology of sound to re-configure space.

The works acted together as a kind of sound system and included: a mysteriously vibrating cabinet, electrostatic speakers with images printed on their surface, sound-diffusing sculptural reliefs, a satellite dish directing a beam of sound, a long plastic curtain with white noise cascading down it, a floor drum resonating with strange sounds and a tiny speaker inside glass - emanating a muffled voice.

During the exhibition, the artist performed on top of the 4.5m tall St Simeon's Drum Riser (made of stacked pallets), whilst CCTV relayed a bird's eye view of the performer down to ground level.

The Voyeur took place at De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill on Sea, UK) from 30.06.12 - 16.09.12

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