A couple storm cells brewed up over Brisbane, 1st being quite tame but the 2nd brewed up quite an impressive front as it moved over Brisbane. Reports of this slim storm being about 200 kilometers long.
For the main part of Brisbane, with the ever increasing threatening sky, Brisbane was spared the brunt of it, just dealt some heavy rain and one great spectacle, but it was a different story for some parts of the agricultural areas of South East Queensland.
For the areas of Darling Downs and the Lockyer Valley, they got a hammering.
As i mentioned a long time ago in another video, these areas are like "The Salad Bowl" of Queensland.
Quoted from Wikipedia:
"The Lockyer Valley is an area of rich farmlands that lies to the west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and east of Toowoomba. The Lockyer Valley is rated among the top ten most fertile farming areas in the world as mentioned in page 13 of the Lockyer Valley Community Recovery Plan 2011. The intensively cultivated area grows the most diverse range of commercial fruit and vegetables of any area in Australia and is often referred to as "South East Queensland's Salad Bowl".
To read of farmers, having crops only laid down, planted a week or so ago and to see them destroyed is pretty dam hard on the farmer, not only the farmer but the city dwellers as well. Destroyed food and crops brings scarcity, with scarcity comes price rises.
Article in the Brisbane Times:
''Some had only been planted a week and some had been planted a month,'' he told 612 ABC Brisbane.
''It probably cost us $100,000 to plant that so there's that loss, plus the loss of not being able to harvest.''
Read more: brisbanetimes.com.au/environment/weather/more-storms-and-rain-on-the-way-bureau-20131114-2xhsg.html#ixzz2kqfo5Mav
There was also a huge amount of lightning, the skies were absolutely alive, "with 29,757 lightning strikes recorded by the Energex Lightning Tracker"
No wonder these skies put on such a spectacular light show, loads of metallic oxides/salts being sprayed in the atmosphere, it has made these skies extremely conductive.
With some classic weather events, its eyes to the sky and while most remain blind to what happens over head,just be warned, these storms, as we are seeing, not only here but globally, will pack quite a punch.
While mainstream media continue to keep you in the dark, people you do need to be aware that these storms and weather events will be different, until this crap stops of aerosol spraying, geoengineering, weather modification etc etc, the weather you use to know, is no more natural. Its incredible to hear so many are now noticing the weather seems different but not sure how or why.

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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