For Paris Photo, 2013, Clare Strand is showing two new experimental works entitled, Control in Motion and Control in Book Form. Both works are a study of the monochrome control strip that is used to keep the process of photography regulated. Control in Motion is a photographic paper mechanical mutoscope that runs relentlessly through the monochrome spectrum – Control in Book Form is a delicately handmade book sculpture, each page formed from a piece of photographic paper, which has been exposed to the monochromatic spectrum. Control in Book Form is an open question about the current and growing fascination with the photography book. It is intended to push the idea of what a book is and what an artwork is, and to discover a point of commonality.

Growth and Form Study, a small fibre based print with punched out holes, is an early example of Strands forth-coming work for 2014.

Control in Motion 2013
Bespoke electronic mutoscope with 50 6x4" photographic exposed paper panels.

Control in Book Form 2013
Handmade quarter joint leather bound sculpture with 100, 6x4" photographic exposed pages.

2014 Study for Growth and Form project.
Fibre based print with punched holes

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