I have gone through a very difficult moment of my life recently. I became hopeless and all the comforting words of friends and family felt short of grace. I came across this beautiful scripture from Bible that tells us that God's plan for our life is different than what we ought it to be and we don't realise that until all the words are put together by time.

I was inspired by this scripture from Jeremiah and decided to make an animation video that I can share to the world and let them be inspired even at the very difficult moment of their life.

350 plus frames, 80 plus hours and I ended up with a 25 sec long video of the scripture Jeremiah 29:11. I had to make all the frames individually in photoshop and it took a long time. But at the end, everything was worth it.

Watch the making of Jeremiah 29:11 here : youtu.be/rRyAwNnHwwI

Song - Enya - Caribbean blue

Thanks and God Bless you all :)

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