End of this subseries 'overview' on the basic structure of Peter's meter. At this point, you should have a handle on how the meter works. Episodes 5e3-6a, therefore, will apply the information, so you can see how Bible is Explained By The Meter. In other words, the meter conveys DOCTRINE we miss, since we don't know the meter!

So in 5e6b-10, the game will step up: for Peter INTERLEAVES his verses with Paul. This kind of antiphonal 'talk back' is invaluable for hermeneutics, and kind of fun. For Peter takes Paul's verses alternating with his own, and makes a fight song. You know, if two 'teams' are both going to war, they travel together, and sing back to each other. Even troops in World War I and II did that.

How do I know? By the meter! So: if you're bored by that info, then read the next paragraph.

For Episode 5e11 begins demonstrating how Peter meters FUTURE history (playing on Paul doing the same thing, again in TANDEM). Real history you can check. For that's the idea; we never learn from Bible prophecy, until it's already come true. Yikes!

Shocking stuff.

Download Peter's meter: brainout.net/1Peter1meter.pdf .

To get the most out of this play on Paul, you need to read Paul's meter, replete with university and other websites explaining the relevant historical references: brainout.net/Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (if you have Bibleworks fonts, which you can also download for free at bibleworks.com/fonts.html ). PDF version: brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

PopeMyth webpage (which has the PopeM video playlist below): brainout.net/PopeMyth.htm . First of the Bishop's Lists videos: youtube.com/watch?v=Db_cnNq1O4I

Playlist in which they reside (the book starts with the 13th video in the list): youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE203C618EA743CFF

File Name: RFG5e2HebOnPeter8METERED.avi, 10/03/13, in PeterMeter folder.

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