PLAYING PINTER (stage running time 1hour 10mins.), is the second production of Lewes Rep Theatre's "Carrier Bag Theatre" repertory of plays.
A tramp turns up. He is there by chance on his way to Sidcup to find his papers, his identity. But he is compelled to tramp from place to place by the voice in his head. It is the voice of his creator. The voice is that of Harold Pinter and only the tramp can hear it. The tramp thinks his name is Mac Davies or maybe Bernard Jenkins. But he is outraged when he hears that Harold Pinter got the Nobel Laureate and the million quid that goes with it. After all, “The Caretaker” made Pinter’s reputation, it was and is, the key play. But, Jenkins, or maybe Davies, is the Caretaker in the play, the title role. So what’s in it for him? How come Pinter gets all the gravy? And anyway, will his creator’s work last the test of time? And what’s down the road for old tramp? What can he tell us about his creator?
Lewes Rep Theatre has produced a lot of Pinter's work, particularly the The Caretaker, The Dumb Waiter and A Slight Ache. Over the years, I’ve acted the part of Mac Davies in Harold Pinter’s “The Caretaker” many times and always loved him as a sad, infuriating, frustrating, ridiculous and wonderfully mean character. A man destined to defeat and dejection; endlessly. He is a joy to play. So “Playing Pinter” grew out of those performances and Davies became larger than life. I have taken him outside the context of the playright’s script and play him in bitter and often funny supplication with his creator.
The staging of "Playing Pinter" is produced under both the necessity and passion for “carrier bag theatre” – where the stage is setting and spare with unlit depths, like Davies’ mind, and where simple objects become suggestive – a music stand, a red theatre chair, a ladder. “Playing Pinter” is designed for touring and can be played twice nightly or in conjunction with several of the other Lewes Rep productions.
Sean O’Kane
for performances please contact 07777691049.

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