So here is my first preset pack. It's $12. I spent a good month just on these 12 presets to make sure they were true to the look I was going for. I really hope you guys enjoy them. Also, here's a free preset:

This free preset is 100% hands down my favorite one out of the bunch. I wanted to share it so everyone could see how much effort I put into each one.

Stark Burn Shaders Vol01

- 12 FumeFx Gradients
- 3 stylized explosions
- 9 based off of real world Hollywood pyrotechnic explosions

- Big Budget Blockbuster Production quality out of the box.

- Made to be flexible for compositing, no blown out colors or muddied shadows - for further tweaking even after rendering to get the EXACT look you are looking for.

- Great for beginners who are struggling to get realistic looking shaders, but also a good time saver for everyone. Use the preset as is or adjust to make the look your own.

- Comes with a guide so you can load in your presets quickly and keep working.

- Each of the shaders were carefully researched to make sure they are accurate to their type of explosion.

- Each preset comes with the source Max file so you could just load it up and check out the shader after you sim

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