Kindness in the Age of Meanness, Rev Dr Arvid Straube, Nov 17 2013 sermon
What is a random act of kindness you can do this afternoon?
• Centering Thought and Order of Service
• Opening Words, On Religion, Vincent B Silliman
• 22 Random Acts of Kindness
• Aldus Huxley
o “ … try to be a little kinder …”
o On the UCSB Lectures
o “The Perennial Philosophy” (book, complete, online)
• Compassion and the Individual, Dalai Lama
• The Anti-Child Revolt (Salon opinion against)
• The Golden Rule in World religions
• How Your Personality Affects Your Health (quoting Redford Williams, “being nice pays”)
• The Act of Kindness and Its Positive Health Benefits
• Kindness Research (various articles)
• Ma’am, Your Burger Has Been Paid For
• Closing: “ … let tomorrow come tomorrow … “, from Healing, in What are people For? Wendell Berry

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