I am not the owner of all of the original video footage. Here are the owners and their links to the video footage that you will find in this video:
Universal Logo by MOVIECLIPS Trailers: youtube.com/watch?v=E98iTbFqRuM
Baobab Tree footage by Suzanne Jansen: vimeo.com/77384318
Rose footage by Microdac: vimeo.com/39283285
Teenage boy & airplane footage by Steve Darby: vimeo.com/68748501
Fox footage by Menora James: youtube.com/watch?v=011f-LfPNTk
Starry night sky by gradient lok: youtube.com/watch?v=-xgZZPByb1A
The Rose character by Eros & Agape: vimeo.com/78242352
The Little Prince character by Daniel Grey: vimeo.com/59334619

This title sequence was designed and based off of the children's book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I decided to make a title sequence based off of this book because it is very close to my heart. This little book teaches several life lessons through metaphors and symbolism. This sequence reflects the use of symbols such as showing the fox, the baobab tree, and the rose. Some of the book's themes include: exploration of life, finding the meaning of life, and staying a child at heart. I felt that these themes were portrayed through the choice of music, video clips, and random spurts of color in a monotone kind of setting. The intended audience for this title sequence are adults. I tried to capture this audience through the use of video footage versus cartoon-looking graphics, the choice of "moody/reminiscent" music, and the symbolistic manner of showing video clips. I also wanted to show a magical/out-of-this-world side with the use of random spurts of stars and night sky. The book is very magical itself along with the main character, the little prince, being an alien from outer-space.

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