In 2011 Vincent und Zacharias Reinhardt set out on a pilgrimage to Bharata Varsha, also known as 'India'. As proper filmmakers should, they always had the camera ready to capture amazing material.

This video is just a small selection of the resulting shots. It is a poem -- a poem in words and pictures. It tells the story of a traveler to India, who along the way, meditates about something even bigger: the journey and the spiritual source of life. The text was contributed by sister Felicitas Reinhardt.

Cinematography and Editing: Vincent Reinhardt (used camera: Canon EOS 7D)
Text "A Traveler's Song": Felicitas Reinhardt
Music "Peace of Mind": Kevin MacLeod (

Here you can read the full poem "A Traveler's Song":

Embarked on a journey some time ago
where it would lead I did not know
saw days and hours passing by
a thousand miles before my eye
saw life
thought: what is life?
a journey to what end?
some say: a dream that never wakes
some say: a thief
that always takes
of past
and present joys

Where must I go?
What will I see?
What leave behind?
What take with me
to places still unknown?

I saw your light
I heard your voice
a soothing sound
beyond all noise

It made me sing
It made me dance
reach out for joy
give happiness a chance
left there
what wasn't mine to keep

I traveled on a while
I met you
saw you
eye to eye
ended one life
and started one anew

Towards the future I shall go
pause here
and there to think of you
witness your power
binding men
to walk their paths
to different ends
looking out for love in others
always trying to belong
sometimes going with the flow
sometimes beating their very own drum
not knowing that they are

notes of your everlasting song

(Felicitas Reinhardt, September 2013)


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