[…] The first few minutes upon awakening, powder blue – how long has it been like this? Is that movement? If so: where and from whom? The first uncertain steps, faded colours and forms, a mottled pattern. Outlines become clearer as perforated, polished beauty and abrasive structures reveal themselves. Gazing into the distance. But everything is so very close now. Grids, trees, a forest. […]


Concept & Idea: Der Greif
DOP & Edit: Jürgen Branz, Johannes Kirchlechner
Actor: Felix von Bredow


Footage shot using:
Colibri by campilots.com

Der Greif is kindly supported by:
Stadt Augsburg – Büro für Popkultur
Sammlung Waltraud Schoess
Paul + Paul
Reisenthel Accessoires
Druckerei Joh. Walch

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