A series of animations from Hornet directors Dan & Jason featuring a cast of unsuspecting characters who find themselves in unlikely (but kind of adorable) medical situations. Exploding potholes, cuddly bears, trigger happy bees, and hungry ladybugs add a little humor to an otherwise bland topic.

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Directors: Dan & Jason

Hornet Inc.

Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins

Producer: Cathy Kwan

Development Producer: Kristin Labriola

Editor: Lilka Hara

Storyboard Artist: Bill Moore, Paul Harmon

Character Designer: Robin Davey

Background Designer: Bill Moore

Lead Animator: Mike Luzzi

2D Animators: Jacob Kafka, Joe Andriola, Mark Pecararo
Lead Compositor: Yussef Cole

Compositor: Ted Wiggin
Agency: Design & Acquisition

Founder: MT Carney
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Peck

Creative Director/Copywriter: Greg Erdelyi

Head of Production: Nik Traxler

Illustrator: Ed Nacional

Designer: Chad Ackerman

Head of Account Management: Marianne Pizzi

Strategy Director: Diana Gonzalez
Client: Oscar

Co-Founder: Kevin Nazemi

VP Marketing: Veronica Parker-Hahn

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