Here we focus on how Paul's meter plots FUTURE history of Church; for his style, continues the 'tradition' started by Moses, for Israel. Paul thus deliberately tags Moses, Isaiah and Daniel in the process, as we saw in Episode 10.

So now we'll see how Paul satirically, deftly, specifically plots the future of Roman and hence Church history, as a recurring TREND; with the Rapture becoming almost impossible, from Constantine forward. Yikes. That's how apostate we become? Yeah. Sad story, too; as you'll see, in later subEpisodes of this '11'.

You can download the onscreen document to examine it in detail: (or htm). You need Bibleworks fonts to read the Greek, freely downloadable from . Or, you can use the pdf version, .

Many other docs and webpages, videos are related. In pages 5 and 6 of the doc/pdf, the many other links are provided. (In the htm, use the Table of Contents links to navigate.)

Briefly put: by Psalm 90's meter, Moses plotted the past believer voting history of the world and then Israel's future voting history, both annually and sabbatically. Judges was the annual, and it was written to show how Psalm 90 got fulfilled. Isaiah 53 then picked up the sabbatical accounting, converted it to annual, and plotted Israel's future to Messiah's Scheduled Death. Daniel 9:4-14 then used Isaiah 53's meter as a retrospection, plotting out Israel's kings' sad voting history, to form the basis for his petition in verses 15-19. So Paul emulates all three authors' meter, to craft his own annual plotting of the first 490 years of Church, to show how Church will vote. Upshot? Church votes short, God will deliver us anyway.

This is revolutionary material, and should be viewed with skepticism. So first I must show Paul's meter, so you can more easily investigate the vast material, beneath.

So this video begins a panoramic introduction to how we can know Paul's laying out the future history of CHURCH.

In the process, you'll see how Paul shows Rapture doctrine is valid (theme of Ephesians 4, actually), Pre-Trib. So that means preterism, a-millennialism, and Replacement Theology, are all false. So too, the variants of Rapture today, like mid-Trib and post-Trib. The anti-Paulinists are proven dead wrong, since Paul uses MOSES' meter. Many of the Bible debunkers will be proven wrong as well, given a) the perfection of this meter, and b) how real then-FUTURE historical dates, are validated from it.

So this topic will end up in dispute. Every sect of Judaism and Christianity is partly vindicated and partly upbraided, by it. Even Dispies aren't the winners, here, for they use lunar years, and Paul's accounting proves SOLAR, just as Bible has always used.

Flipside, our faith in Bible is strengthened, no matter what our 'denomination'. Everyone will be shocked at how Paul's meter, aligns with post-Cross history we can prove. At least, I am shocked. :)

Later videos will be on this same topic, walking you through Paul's meter. To verify the 'claims' (let's say), you'll have to get into the material linked in pages 5 and 6 of the REPARSED.doc. It won't be an easy task, I'm sorry. I submit it is worthwhile.

File Name: 11aGGS.avi, 7/8/11 in 11GGS folder.

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