YOGA NIDRA guides you into theta brain waves, the ones associated with deep states of meditation, with NO effort on your part. Many sources state that one hour session of YOGA NIDRA gives you the benefits of four hours of deep sleep.
YOGA NIDRA has been shown to boost memory, retention, learning, and to lead to enhanced creativity… through the deep, deep relaxation that we all need. It is a blissful step into your highest potential, and your peace of mind.
YOGA NIDRA is only available for purchase December 2 through December 31, 2013. For just $69, you will receive a high-quality video workshop on what YOGA NIDRA is, how it works, and three audio guided practices to download and use until your peace of mind returns (and beyond)!

We all know someone who could benefit from more rest. So we want to make it easy for you to give peace to your loved ones too. If you purchase 3 or more copies you can have a special price of only $49 each ($147 for 3!)
Visit for more information.

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