No hay vigilia ni sueño, sólo un constante cabeceo al ritmo del paisaje mental, interrumpido por pequeños instantes de lucidez. Mientras tanto, un mundo acelerado desaparece a través de la ventana. Sonido: Dio3Stu

No waking or dream just a nod to the constant rhythm of the mental landscape interrupted by small moments of lucidity. Meanwhile a fast-paced world disappears through the window.

About Left Hand Rotation
LEFT (the abstract concept) Hand (the object) ROTATION (the action) is a turn in the opposite direction that can happens at any time, a screw to squeeze just the opposite than expected.
Left Hand Rotation is an art collective established in 2004 to develop pilot projects in differents formats as video, documentary, installations and urban interventions.
Documentaries (Filmography)
2010: "MOSS MEDIA"
2011: "LUZ"

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