Song name: The Doo Doo Doo Song
Album name: SpacePeepul Musik
Written, sung, and produced by: ElectroKaplosion
Co-produced, mixed, and mastered by: MBAlpha
Animated by: KanashiiPanda

Better quality animation here! -

This my friends has been an awesome project! Alpha and I have been planning to make this joke album based on Moonbase Alpha using old music we made on our computers for quite some time now. I came to Kanashii with the random idea for the animation and he delivered. Not only did he do that, he turned a silly idea into an awesome animation. I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with! Love you guys! If you don't know what Moonbase Alpha is watch this -

DOWNLOAD LINK!!! This is part of a free album with 35 songs in total. YES 35 DERPY JOKE SONGS ABOUT MOONBASE ALPHA!!! Check it out! -
(The album is free but if you choose to pay all donations will go to Alpha, Kanashii, and me to go to bronycon)

If you don't check out Kanashii and Alpha bacon god will destroy you!
KanashiiPanda's YouTube -
KanashiiPanda's Deviant Art -
MBAlpha's YouTube -

.gifs and stuff!!!
Daring Do -
Derpy Hooves -
Luna -
Scootaloo -

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