Administrators are looking to build additional residence halls on campus. However, MSU is landlocked, creating a whole new challenge to overcome.

Howard Farrell, Vice President of University Advancement and Public Affairs

“We’re strapped for land as you know," said Howard Farrell, Vice President of University Advancement and Public Affairs. "I mean, look around us. You have beautiful churches and very nice neighborhoods. So we have to be creative. We have to be innovative with the very little space that we have to really make it count.”

In addition to the residence halls, university officials are looking to build a new library, among other things.

“We probably need to expand to build a new science building. There’s a lot that we need to do to the campus," said University President Jesse Rogers. "Additionally, we have some of our Board of Regents, who won’t be here and neither will I, but they would like us to save place for a football field on campus within the next ten years. I’d love to see that too but that takes up even more space.”

Farrell says that the new residence halls they’re looking to build need to all be in roughly the same area.

“If you can keep your residential living pretty much in one section of the campus, it does work, rather than having a residence on this side of campus and one over there. So we’re looking at opportunities trying to cluster them as much as we can.”

All of this is being considered in addition to the plans administrators are making to build a baseball field on campus.

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