Growing up in Lake Benton, MN, it was my job to shovel the driveway. Dad and I would work in the yard and then come in to warm up. This sketch is of me leaning on my snow shovel in dad's office watching him study. We had some great conversations then and I'm thankful for the memories.

I should probably give some additional backstory. Two years ago my dad had a stroke and lost the ability to communicate through speech. He recently had a fall and was in the hospital in MN. My family and I went up there to be close to him and this was drawn while sitting with him in the hospital. Since we can't visit, this is a way for us to connect. I sketch and talk about what I remember while he watches. There are a few phrases he can speak but not enough to carry on conversation. Thus, the memories of our conversations are a big deal for me. He's a wise man, my hero, and had perhaps the most profoundly hilarious sense of humor I've ever known. Though he's still with me, I miss him. Thanks for reading and watching.

MUSIC: "Wings of the Morning" by Doyle Dykes

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