Choreographer: Ivy Chen
Assistant: Christina Perry
Music: House of Flying Daggers- Shigeru Umebayashi
Description: The history of the Chinese fan dates back approximately 4,000 years. Originally used for staying cool, shielding from the sun and blowing sand, the fan was later incorporated into ceremonial rituals. Since
then, Chinese fans have become a representation of strength, beauty, tradition and history. In tonight’s piece ‘Red Fan,’ graceful fan dancers celebrate the continuity of a harmonious world with the color of red symbolizing good fortune and joy.

Dancers: Gracie Bailey, Lily Cummings, Sarah Finegold, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Grace Guzan, Celine Horner, Callie Horner, Hannah Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Madison Larus, Courtney Martinec, Hannah Nasseri, Elizabeth Sheck, Malia Sherred, Mia Swindal, Lauren Watson, Tess Wright

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