FACTORY is based in the industrial age. FACTORY is at the same time austere and poetic story of an era which is
an essential part of our cultural history, a story about the period many people are no longer related to, and at the
same time an era in which many people across the globe still live in.
FACTORY focuses on a travel inside the emotions of the people who are working at the FACTORY, and at the same time it includes and explores the environment and atmosphere they are exposed to at the FACTORY.

A-rhythmic, disharmony and disintegration of the music is the starting point Strange Party Orchestra uses to create new rhythmic and tonal structures in a sometimes frantic, sometimes quietly lingering pace. The beautiful becomes ugly and then reappears in a new beautiful form. The music weaves in and out of a sound collage, created by recording of sounds from around the world. At times it can be difficult to define what are instruments and what is sound collage, which is precisely what creates a transparent whole in Strange Party Orchestra’s imaginary universe.
FACTORY contains verbal storytelling but in non-existent languages. The VJ performing of the art photos of Orfeas Skutelis along with the music the soundscapes and the actors mimic dance generates different atmospheres. Atmospheres that from time to other can be harsh and poetic at the same time. The very intense expression of the mimic dance, performed by Henrietta Varga and Dénes Debrei, tells the story of common people - strong, seeking,
happy, but also fragile and melancholic.

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