About three years ago, elektropastete was hired to think about a light installation to be set up in a famous club in nuernberg called “Die Rakete“. We have realized our concept “Prism Wave” and everything necessary was made by us.

Now, we updated “Prism Wave” with “Prism Cave“.

Prism Cave extends the existing light objects with 270 individual prisms, 30 out of them are equipped with RGB power LEDs. To accomodate for this new visual playground extension we also re-programmed our software “Rocketfuel” but still followed the easy-to-use approach.

The prisms hang from the ceiling like dripstones and throw sharp prism shaped light beams vertical through the club. These beams end up as projected triangles on floor or on the crowds – different sizes, colors and distances are creating continously changing graphics in the space.

The software “Rocketfuel 4″ can be controlled with an LPD8 by AKAI and a Nano Korg Kontrol2. Every detail is previewed on the screen of the running maschine as you can see in one of the videos below.

To control the lights via DMX we developed a circuit board with 21 constant current sources to drive seven RGB Power LEDs per board.



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