Ziggy is an active, energized, young puppy of approximately a year old. He appears to be a combination of Chihuahua and possibly Fox terrier mix. His markings are a white coat with a ‘split black mask’ on his face, and a few scattered black spots on the rest of his coat. His head is marked with a white stripe with a black spot in its center, separating the ‘mask’ around his eyes. He has the large ears of a fox terrier puppy, the short snout of a Chihuahua, the stocky body of a fox terrier, the legs and feet of a Chihuahua, and a full tail that looks like a fox terrier’s.
Ziggy’s joys in life are running, running, and jumping while running! He has a love of fetch, and ‘chasing down’ and ‘killing’ his stuffed toys with complete abandon! His favorite toys are his bouncy ball, football, and his ‘bug’ (a stuffed Halloween toy spider) that he shakes till he’s ‘killed’ it and the drags it through the house to the back yard and back again, to show off his great ‘kill’.
He is now in 'home-school' and has learned to sit, 'go outside' with a hand-clap, and to 'go to bed' into his crate. He knows not to ‘beg’ at the table and will sit at your feet quietly, until the meal is over. He has become crate-trained and knows this is his place of sanctuary. Ziggy has stayed in his crate until you tell him it is ok to leave it, even though the door is open or ajar, and could be moved with a slight push.
This puppy is a runner, so he needs a forever home with someone that loves to run, jog, or go for good fast walks. He loves to fetch and will chase a tennis ball to the ends of the earth, only to come back with it for more. This is a very trainable, food motivated puppy with so much love and joy in him. Ziggy's lessons in walking on lead (commands to 'walk' and 'stop') are coming along. He looks for the treat first, but he's realizing he has to do something for it. Very 'puppy brained' still, but we've made progress, he knows he does something he gets tidbits. He is still learning, but the fact is, he DOES learn quickly.
This little love-bug of a puppy, needs you to step up and claim him. Ziggy is beyond adorable, and wants to please you to no end. If you would like to meet Ziggy, please contact petfinder.com/petdetail/27762022/

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