This video is not in Youtube. I forgot to post it there. Continuing from GGS10e9d1 ( in ), we now go back through Isaiah's meter, in order to better understand Daniel's.

For Daniel's is very complex: he will create a trifurcated timeline. First timeline starts at his own capture and comes full circle to his date of speaking. Second and related third timelines are developed by 'tagging' Isaiah at his syllable 133 = end Isaiah 53:2; playing on how Manasseh despised God; so, he was punished with capture, by Assyria. So, Manasseh was tagged by God in 2Kings 21:10-15 as the reason for the Temple's downfall.

Manasseh's repentance is thus paralleled with Christ: 'ish makovot, w'idua holi', Isa53:3 (translated, 'The HeartBreak Man, knowing lovesick grief').

From there, Daniel goes forward in the future, tying together all the prophecy God gave him since Daniel 2, in order to plot the sequence of the future rise and subsequent fall, of Greece and Rome. That's why Daniel 10-12, exist. They answer Daniel's METERED sequencing, in Daniel 9!

Mary's meter will pick up where Daniel ends, and Paul's meter will pick up where Mary's, ends. Peter's meter wraps around Paul's, to cover the same future Church History period on a tandem subject, the 'temple' of Church, since the OT Temple had its own 490, Daniel 9!

See: Daniel's metered sophistication (and satire!) sets new precedence for the NT meter style, so it's worth learning. We miss so much meaning in Bible, simply because we don't count the syllables and don't trust the Bible enough to actually be RIGHT in its timelines! But, I digress.

In GGS10e9d3 and 4, we'll see something of Daniel's style.

If you want, you can download the docs used in the video. for the Hebrew 'map'.

Word docs of the metered translation:
2-Page translation of Chapter, landscape mode (has translation upgrade):

3-Page version, portrait mode (pre-upgrade):

PS: I apologize for annoying Episode names like 'GGS10e9d2'; but the videos were made in 2011, and had many views. Within Youtube, few see the vids, but for some reason I can't fathom, they were picked up elsewhere, and embedded into other websites. So now, past viewers (and websites using these vids) would become confused, if I change the names. File Name: 10e9d2GGSIsaMill.avi, 1/12/11.

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