Joshua Tree National Park is one of the greatest places on earth. Every time I drive past the gates and up into those glorious rock piles I feel as though I have arrived on another planet. Tatooine. I have spent nearly 6 months of my life camping in and roaming the Wonderland of Rocks and it never gets old. Every trip is too short. Even the 1 and half month one.

Of all the time I've spent creeping around The Tree I've never really shot anything. I've always been too busy climbing and escaping I guess. I decided to document this last trip to give my friends and family a taste of what it is I do when I disappear into this magical desert playground for days and weeks on end.

The main protagonist of this short documentary is Tony, who had been struggling with life and work in L.A at the time. Growing up in a small beach town on Florida's east coast, Tony was feeling suffocated by the endless cement, traffic, hustle, and overarching fraudulence of Southern California. He was ready to get out in the wilderness and wash his spirit clean.

Music: "Low Man" from Alberta Cross.

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