The Pyramids is a 19-minute short documentary. It is not exactly a history documentary, though it is all about the history of ancient Egypt. And it is not just about the pyramids though it is celebrating the splendor and mysticism of the Egyptian Pyramids. One has to watch it to find out.
The film is a visual variations on the theme of the Pyramids (of Giza, Abusir, Abu Rawaash and Saqarra) … but the recurrent variations are entwined with motifs and iconography from the ancient Egyptian mythology.
The Pyramids starts with the a picturesque re-dramatization, from the ceiling relief of Dendera temple, of the myth of the perpetual rebirth of the sun out of the womb of Nut, the sky lady, who devours the sun disk every day at sunset.
The theme of the pyramids is preceded by excerpts from the Egyptian myth of creation, according to which Mr. Ezzat builds his visual thesis and answer to the long standing and enigmatic question of why those colossal buildings of masonry, known as the Pyramids, were built

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