Tahira: The Pure | Dance Theatre presents a new work commissioned for The International Festival at Carden Academy in the Bay Area of California.

Tahira: The Pure | Dance Theatre is a pick-up company comprised of many different forms of theatre. Whether classical ballet or improvisational movement, the essence is this: real. The company director, Imani Tahira, believes dance is the language of the soul. “It speaks when the voice does not.” Her mission is to seek that purity of language in a world that chooses to deny their inner man. “There is no question; you will tap into your insides while witnessing PDT’s work.”

ODE TO Jiří: Sun|Rise was inspired by choreographer and phenomena Jiří Kylián, artistic director of the Netherlands Dans Theatre. His work is edgy, challenging and simply amazing. He couples modern with ballet effortlessly and continues to work with new inspirations as an artist that keeps his work alive and kicking!

ODE TO Jiří: Sun|Rise follows a journey of hope in the midst of darkness and loneliness. It depicts the search for companionship, identity and community. The truth is the Sun will shine again! Even in the depths of the late midnight hour, if you hold on just a little bit longer, you will see the sunrise.

Duration: 12 min
Performers: Imani Tahira, Samantha Ferido, Victor DiSalvo, Vivian Nisinman
Sound Score compiled and produced by Joshua “Demo” Hopkins
Adam—Me’Shell Ndgeocello (rearranged and produced by Joshua “Demo” Hopkins) |
No Air—Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown (Piano arrangement by David Sides) |
Images—Nina Simone | [performance solo: Samantha Ferido]
Come Here—Joshua “Demo” Hopkins (Original) |

this is a Tahira: The Pure | Dance Theatre production in association with the PrePro: Work|Shop 2009

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