Triptych is a three-channel video installation by Magdalena Hutter, co-produced with the University for Television and Film Munich, and with support from the Kirch Foundation's Special Award for Media Arts.

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A desert landscape. We are moving forward, pacing our steps evenly, straight ahead, always in the same direction. Tracks on the ground lead nowhere, there is no end in sight, no borders, no fences. In the desert, landscape itself becomes the obstacle that needs to be overcome. No lines that can be crossed. The border becomes the plain we are moving in - trapped.

Three simultaneously recorded video images of a desert landscape form a panorama. While the point of view is similar to the human field of vision, it is modifed by gaps, overlaps, and distortion. Point of view and movement simulate a subjective experience. The sound of the wind, of the footsteps and breathing take us to this place.

Over the noises of the desert we hear voices. They are the voices and stories of people who have left their homes to cross a border into another country: migrants from sub-Saharan countries, who are embarking on this perilous journey.

Triptych not only looks somewhat like an altar piece, it also refers to its way of story-telling: as in an altar piece, several stories are told at the same time, not all of them occurring at the same moment. No linear narration, no obvious or reliable connections between people and places. Every image of the desert tells the stories of many people.

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