A collection of three orchids opening and closing. The blue orchid, a rather expensive purchase, didn't play ball and two out of three buds decided to wither up and die. All part of the fun of time lapsing.

Shot on a Canon 600D with one light and some white card to act as a reflector. Most of the light effects were created using masks using Adobe Camera Raw, [the images were shot in raw]. And compiled in After Effects on a home made PC.

Music by me!

How to:
First your need a mains power supply and a remote timer for your camera and at least a 16 gig memory card.

I always shot the flower time lapses in a very small dark room with black walls, This way I can use just one light. It is a low energy light bulb, I think it is only 8 watts so very little heat for the flowers. I would like to use a white background but then I would need to light the background as well as the flowers.

Set the timer for one every 5 minutes, grab a beer or two and wait for a few days.

I use adobe after effects to edit the video, oh and shoot RAW rather jpg because low energy lights have a slight colour cast

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