Pitch for a travel / reality show called Love In Translation.

Log line: American newlyweds crash weddings around the world, experiencing the wild, intimate, and exotic ride of love in its many translations.

See the full treatment at LoveInTranslation.com.

Like food and drink, work and sex, love is one thing all people across the earth have in common.

Yet the ways we celebrate it couldn't be more different.

- Weddings in the Marquesas Islands, Polynesia, end with the bride's relatives lying face down in a row in front of the happy couple who make their grand exit over this human carpet
- Brides in Lamu, Kenya, party till dawn on their wedding night... with just their girlfriends
- Priests slaughter a cow during traditional Madagascar weddings... and every attendee drinks its blood

American newlyweds Genevieve and Mike will discover the wild ways of love around the world with Love in Translation, a travel and reality series.

In each episode, they'll travel to a foreign culture, meet an engaged couple on the brink of marriage, delve into their unique courtship story, and follow them right up through their big day.

Along the way, American audiences will get an intimate view into that culture's strange, sometimes bizarre, yet somehow familiar rituals around courtship and marriage. And as Genevieve and Mike participate in each culture's customs and traditions, viewers will gain a unique insight into that culture.

Destinations will range from the familiar to the exotic, from Provence, France to the Masai tribe of Eastern Africa.

See the full treatment at LoveInTranslation.com.

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