A trailer from the performance Gare Du Nord. A gutsy multimedia performance where movement, sound, text, light and scenic elements are freely mixed and confronted.
"Gare du Nord" takes place at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts on Fredsgatan 12 in Stockholm. The audience is guided into different parts of the building - stairway, model halls, galleries - where dancers and musicians appear in costumes made of Japanese paper created by fashion designer Barbro Lomakka.
From the Royal Academy’s "underworld", where plaster casts from different centuries are stored, Jan Håfstrom got inspiration and material for the set design.
The internationally renowned Norwegian composer Maja Ratkje has written a new work for "Gare du Nord". Recorded voices and electronic music are mixed with live music.
The characters are freely inspired of female historical figures´ fates. These women have certainly – or in all probability – been to the gare du Nord in Paris between 1900 and 1930.

Gare Du Nord - Konstakademien in Stockholm/SWEDEN
Choreography Lotta Melin.
Music Maja Ratkje
Set design Jan Håfström
Costume Barbro Lomakka
Light design Jacob Bjelfvenstam
Dancers Anna Westberg and Henrietta Wallberg
Mezzosopran Karolina Blixt
Musician Anna Christensson
Musician/dancer Robin af Ekenstam
Performers Gunnar Kaj, Maija Kumlin, Emma Håfström, Barbro Andersen och Viktoria Uggla

A short presentation of the full performance. Premiere 15th of October 2013

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