A video about collectivity and togetherness in a police state.

This is largely incoherent.
This is the blinking cursor of our silence.
Here's democracy.
And then there's what protects democracy.
An irredeemable machine of mental murder.
A national security state-in-a-state. A Law of Silence.

Leaders assure us that all is well.
That we do have the values of democracy, and that its weaponized protection keeps everybody safe and free.
But these protective operations are themselves secrets.
The executive means accrued to carry them out can be used to different ends.
The entities of weaponized protection care for their own survival before everything else.
They are just like humans.

Silence and invisibility are the principal currencies of our utopia.
Soon, everything will be a secret.

But what about ourselves? Aren't we silent ourselves?
We haven't said anything in a long time.

We battle.
We throw Molotov cocktails, fight the police, and dance on the wings of a government airplane.
We look into our phones which look into our lives.
The bare possessions of a non-person living in a non-place.
A laptop.
A backpack.
A night with friends.
An on-and-off relationship.
A temporary job.
A trove of secrets.

We have a non-plan.
All we do is show that we still exist.
We are the opposite of blind. We have absolutely nothing left but our vision.

Full script: pastebin.com/UMNv2EXf
Metahaven 2013
Produced in collaboration with Bureau Europa.

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