It was an amazing experience working with Heather and Michael not only because they are such an unbelievable couple, but also because all the planets were aligned and the team we built for them was simply deluxe! ;)

Heather decided having Photography and Cinematography services with us. When this happens I always call Josafat de La Toba who invited Daniel Jireh to assist him. Luckily he was available, and kindly he came to work with us.

For Cinematography as usual, I brought my dream team, the super professional guys from Hera Pro! So far so good, but when Dennis Berti decided to join us because he wanted to shoot more weddings with one of his new cameras… or how I like to call it… he came just for pure passion to photography (you can read his post about this day following this link ) I knew the planets were aligned somehow.

By itself, shooting weddings is a job filled with a bunch of satisfactions, “Shooting weddings with friends” (as Dennis titled his post) is the cherry on the top of a delicious cake!

Follow this link to watch Josafat’s Photos

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