David James is a highly creative, energetic, and growth–oriented professional who possesses a strong background in marketing. He is well versed in both online and personal sales and has a knack for motivating people with his communication skills. He is a persistent individual who doesn't quit until his goals are accomplished and encourages others to do the same.

He has helped businesses with marketing their products and even wrote a book on marketing called "GRO$$ OUT! - Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000" which was a limited release. He has worked in network marketing groups, direct sales, online sales, and in recent years has sat under some of the most highly sought after speakers which most people would rarely have access to. David James not only had access to them but got to personally speak with them both before, during, and after events these industry leaders conducted.

With his unique talents, training, and history he is becoming known as the guy to go to when you need to market yourself in a niche industry. He has a passion for the smaller industry because he knows that all big industry starts small and he wants to see people rise from the ashes wherever they may start.

The bottom line for him is have you even dared to step out? Most people do not. He wants to help those who have stepped out to gain sure footing and not stumble to avoid being trampled by the others racing behind which aren't really stepping out in the same way they are doing but merely following another person's lead.

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