The November 2013 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper is NOW Available with Our Compliments and Those of Our Fine Advertisers..
In this edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - November 2013 Edition - some of the stories you will find in this month's 60 pages include:
Page 02: 2014 Is Going To Be A Great Year
Page 03: The Great Lakes Triangle
Page 05: 10 Very Mysterious Places
Page 10: The 9 Biggest Outdoor Mysteries
Page 11: ‘X’ Zone Book of the Month
Page 14: 10 Psychological States
Page 15: You Can Beat Lung Cancer
Page 18: The Ghost of Abe Lincoln
Page 19: UFOs and Hollywood
Page 20: North Americans Are NOT Being Poisoned by Chemtrails
Page 21: The Bucket List and the “Bucketeers of Life.”
Page 24: Global Warming Gives Sea Urchins Indigestion
Page 25: Turmoil AT UN Climate Change Talks
Page 27: Canada Ranks Worst on Climate Policy
Page 28: Watching JFK’s Ghost Fade Away
Page 31: Conspiracy Theories
Page 35: Thinking About Going On A Cruise?
Page 37: Man Abducted by ETs in 1973 Tells Story
Page 38: America’s Obsession with Bigfoot
Page 40: Contrails or Chemtrails?
Page 42: Is The Abominable Snowman a Bear?
Page 45: 15 Facts Supporting ET Life
Page 48: Is There An Advanced ET Civilization?
Page 50: Is There An Alien Message in Our DNA?
Page 52: 9 Freakiest Mass Murders-Suicides
Page 56: The Silly Science of Bear-Death Experiences
Page 58: From The ‘X’ Zone Newsroom

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2014 is going to be a Super Year for The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show, The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper and REL-MAR - Thanks to you, The members of the Growing 'X' Zone Nation!

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