We tested the Canon 5D Mark 3 agains the Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) in three Modes

Test 1: Video Mode (Rec 709) = Neutral Picture Style/H264/All-I (5Dm3) vs. Video Mode/ProRes 422HQ (BMCC)

Test 2: Film Mode1 = Cinestyle/H264 All-I (5Dm3) vs. Film Mode/ProRes 422HQ(BMCC)

Test 3: Film Mode2 = Cinestyle/H264 All-I (5Dm3) vs. RAW (BMCC)

We were looking for color rendition & sharpness, & color bit depth. This is particularly important for green screen keying. The footage was all given a 1 light basic color correction through DaVinci Resolve. There were no color corrections, only contrast & saturation adjustments.

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