The Local Artist Series is a series of short documentaries that profile talented and creative people who live and practice art in Toronto, Canada.

The first instalment in this series showcases the river rock sculptures of 24-year-old Toronto Amateur Artist, Allisen Bravemen. Allisen recently experienced a very traumatic and sudden loss in his personal life. When something that you take for granted is taken from you unexpectedly, it takes time to learn how to cope with the effects that the sudden change can have on your life. Allisen turned to art during his struggle to understand his loss, and how this life event has changed who he is becoming as he moves forward.

His rock sculptures, that he builds in a river that flows through downtown Toronto, are painstaking and labor intensive. Groups of people gather on the riverbank to admire his work, and wonder how he is able to balance the rocks the way that he does.

In his latest series of modest and underrated works, Allisen ponders life, eternity and nature while he explores themes of struggle, triumph and dexterity in a very personal way. Having remained anonymous until now, Allisen has become somewhat of a local mystery sensation. Revealing his identity for the first time in The Local Artist Series, this footage of him working is unprecedented and is a true celebration of art in the great city of Toronto, Canada.

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