L-E-N-N-O is my final year animation project for my Bachelors at Monash University (Melbourne) and is a fictional trailer for a would be film.

This project was quite an intensive project for me, it required constant commitment for some 4 months (July - November), as I was the only one producing this fatigue was my worst enemy. All modeling / Animation was done in Cinema4d and Compositing in Nuke / After Effects. A range a other programs were used (Breakdown Coming Soon) (As my course is not a vfx / animation course, most of these pipelines were self taught)

LENNO is a story about society that has replaced policing with Robots. As time went on they removed intelligence capabilities of these robots however one lone robot escaped this process and is on the run. Seeing how this protection force is more a military and less a policing tool he aims to move against it on his own.

The concept was taking warfare off the field and more like a chessboard where these robots play battle tactics and deception against one another as even in games today its amazing what the AI can come up with.

Animation, modeling, compositing, editing and sound design - SHAUN ANSARI

Thank you to these amazing people who have all helped made this project happen.

Lecturer - Mark Guglielmetti
Tutor - Yun Tae Nam
Voice Talent - Heather Vergo
Logos / Insignia design - Anya Ow
Voice Acting - Steve Blum
Voice Acting - JV Martin
Voice Acting - GIDEON EMERY
Cerebrus (Drop Ship) Design and Use - Star Gem and Alexei Yakolev.

Score - Video Copilot (Pro Scores)
Sound Design - Sounds From FreeSound (freesound.org/)


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