Made by Saquedon in 2009, Music By Arcmenium.

HD multilayered fractal animation, the video is a pingpong playback of a 26 second animation is made from an original set of fractal images called "The Lost Eye". The 26 seconds took around 172 Hours (just over a full week) of nonstop rendering using 2 dualcore computers. Some of the original artwork can be seen here:
The original video does look better than the web version, some of the depth is lost due to the compression but enough remains to get the idea.

If you encounter stuttering the HD playback of this video you should try downloading the video to your hd first and play it locally. Right-click the link below and choose "Save as":

The Music is an excerpt of a track called "Pacific Drifter" By Arcmenium.
You can buy the track for just 1 Euro here:

Free "Arcmenium - From Energy EP [PROMO] (2009) Download NOW:

LIMITED Free Full Quality downloads on:

Artist homepages:

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