A Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Jon Wheeler.

Nye + Brown is pleased to present an exhibition with Brian Wills titled Oscillations. In this new body of work, Wills continues to manipulate materials to extraordinary ends, combining formal inspiration and technical acumen to further his perceptual investigations of light, color, and space. Composed primarily of thread and wood, these constructions easily traverse between painting and object.
There are several distinct modes of work included in the exhibition, each emphasize a particular quality of the materials used. The polyurethane pieces encase strands of thread on a smooth wood backed surface, allowing graphic lines to form elegant compositions beneath a reflective surface. “Intersection” and “column” pieces highlight the spectral colors and vibrancy of the rayon thread, while the “hovering” pieces lift thread from the surface to become a secondary picture plane. Lastly, the architectural “wedges” capitalize on the luminosity of the thread as light enters from different angles. Works take on a life of their own—shifting and vibrating; exploiting Wills’ ability to elevate simple materials to astonishing heights.
Wills is a graduate of Denison and Harvard Universities. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Tokyo, Germany and London.
Brian Wills lives and works in Los Angeles.

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