This idea is copied from a TED Talk by Cesar Kuriyama ( Decided to do the same for my 40th year as an art project, figuring out some rules for myself along the way:

- I won't film anything that didn't actually happen: e.g. practicing the guitar just to get a shot of me playing an instrument.

- It's OK to re-do something *in the moment* in order to get my shot: e.g. asking somebody to repeat an action *they just did*.

- If I can't get the shot (typically of me doing something), it's OK to hand off and ask somebody else to do it.

- Story over spontaneity: e.g. I might select a shot that inherently communicates what's happening/something more interesting vs. a random moment from a day. Took a while to decide on this one, but it makes the finished piece more accessible to people who don't know me.

- No effects added in post-, like speeding up, cropping or filters. Although I tweaked the audio levels.

Began on November 15, 2012, so month 1 has Thanksgiving in there, along with the first same-sex marriages in Washington State. Month 2 has Christmas and a visit to Senator Patty Murray's office. Month 3 has a trip to the Creating Change conference and more comprehensive immigration reform events.

You should try it too! You can totally do it with just a smart phone. Kuriyama even made an app (1 Second Every Day). Everything was shot (and edited for the first 2 months using the iMovie app) on an iPhone 5. The one shot of my coworkers with champagne towards the end was shot on an iPhone 5S. For the 3rd month on, I imported the project into my computer and used Final Cut Pro X to edit.

Make sure to see the smaller pieces that emerged from this: weekly 7 Seconds pieces I'll write up my conclusions on doing this for a year and post soon.

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