These excerpts offer a glimpse of the first full-scale opera performed in and under water.
Conceived, developed, performed and directed by Juliana Snapper.

Snapper developed the technique of Bouche a l'eau (Mouth-to-water) singing by which she sings directly into the water in depths up to 15 ft.. Her Five Fathoms Opera Project took root in 2008, first in solo performances staged in private bathtubs, then a tank at PS1 NY. In 2008 she teamed up with Andrew Infanti, to construct the fully staged operatic spectacle. Infanti's score teams Snapper's aquatic soprano with live instruments, and choruses of up to 90 voices. His libretto explores the loss of humans and humanity through a poetic and sonic fabric made from extinct utopic tuning systems and failed attempts to forge a universal tongue.

Excerpts show footage from performances at Aksioma Center for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008; Queer up North Festival, Machester, UK 2009; TRAMA festival performatif, Porto, Portugal 2009; Theatr Dramatyczny Migracje festival, Warsaw, Poland 2010.

Part of the Five Fathoms Opera Project, 2008 - 2013

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