This video is part of my Youtube 'Textual Criticism' playlist ( ), which largely includes independent research materials on the web you can use; the sites are all unrelated to me. This video, is a book review of a text about TC for the LXX.

Video reads from Natalio Marcos' book, The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible, Chapter One (link here: ), to show how textual critics are human; why in many ways, TC of the Greek OT, has been lacking. Marcos proposes what to me is the common-sense approach: treat Greek of the OT as then LIVING; so bilingualism and influence from other languages of its time, ought to be a 'lens' through which we should read, the LXX. Duh. So I get a bit testy while reading the text for the first time, on screen. Sorry.

Here's another great link, provided by egwpisteuw:

File Name: TC3LXX.avi, 5/26/12, in TextCrit folder.

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