Too few "Christians" even say the Gospel correctly anymore, though John 3:16 is clear enough in translation. It's appalling. Most pastors, evangelists, and Christian websites, Youtube videos and chatrooms don't get the Gospel right. So who is saved?

A generation ago -- and you can tell, by the J. Vernon McGee radio series -- it was common knowledge that you only had to believe in Christ to be saved. Not so common, now. Those posting response videos to this one, thinking they refute the LORD's own words, prove that they can't read Bible. It's really sad.

For the Lord says this: BELIEVE ONCE that Christ paid for all your sins, and you are FOREVER saved. Video goes through why that's true. It begins with my giving John 3:16 in Spanish -- which I've not spoken in years, so please forgive the pronunciation -- and then launches into the Greek of John 3:16, to show you how the TEXT ITSELF says salvation is eternally secure, in the Lord's Own Words (all the Bible is from God, but I selected John 3:16 for the red-letter Christians, so even they can't dispute this). Much more information on Gospel issues which you can't find elsewhere on the internet, is in . Just look for the blue boxes on the page, and click the links (if any) inside them.

The video's Greek-geek stuff in John 3:16 is not hard to understand if you use 1John 1:9 as needed; and is very important. Very simple tense-matching rule in Greek grammar shows you that salvation is eternally secure. Of course, this same information is obtainable in hundreds of other Bible verses, but this one makes a good example.

CHRIST IS COMPETENT. So it's All Cross, or No Cross. The Lord would never permit anything less. Lambs eat and die, they never work. Goats, work. So it's time to separate the sheep from the goats. Guess which ones get saved. So all those Matt7:21 "Lord, Lord" Christians who did some OTHER verb in addition to or instead of "believe", aren't saved! Which 'animal' are you?

God Preserved the Original Word: so it's like you are in the same timezone, as the ORIGINAL writer. With the Holy Spirit's Power, you can learn to read those original words super-fast. And see God much more quickly, much more deeply.

Now you know why God commanded teachers. It speeds the process, makes it more systematic (so you don't pull verses out of context), etc.

File Name: John3 16.wmv, 3/26/08.

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